Health news needs to be understood, not sensationalised!

Health is science and there is no political angle to it. This motto remains the basic ideology of THP.

New analysis, interviews, technology updates in both modern medicine as well as indigenous traditional medical systems and of course the people…. All these are important in making THP.

Remaining committed to the wellbeing of earthly life,  it will be important to celebrate, debate, dig-in and unravel myriad ways of life through the prism of Health.

We follow the adage that there could be more than one side of a story.

The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has made Health news current read. With information explosion happening on the Internet, it is difficult to pick and choose what to read and what to reject.

Here we analyse various stories that are coming up on the current pandemic as well as other health issues and medical interventions that are available not just in modern medicine but also in other systems like Ayurveda.

New theories and new technologies are the ways through which science moves ahead. We look at them too. They might be controversial, but it is the debate that leads the way forward!

This portal is an outcome of the trending Health news and debates it has generated. Across the world, it is always either politics, politicians or the celebrities who make news always. But the years 2020 and 2021 have been different in the sense that even the glitterati are talking Health!